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Interested in working with our wonderful, right side of crazy family?

As a new upcoming blogger/vlogger I have made a decision to open up shop.  What started as a personal hobby has now flourished into an opportunity to provide a platform for all types of wonderful brands and services.   I have not rushed this process as I feel it is incredibly important in today’s competitive blogging community to stay very much true to myself and my followers.    In short, I am exceptionally precious about the brand I have built.  TIPP is not and will not become a blog spilling out reviews and ads daily.  Up until this point I have refused to monetize what I do.  My aim is to incorporate brands slowly into this new venture, taking careful consideration to ensure that what we create, works for both us and YOU.  I feel it is incredibly important to ensure that every single person we work with, complements the next.

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There’s no denying that having thousands of followers can have a large reach for your brand but first and foremost, the most valuable asset an influencer can have is a close relationship with their following.  This is something TIPP has built over a number of years.   A trust and a connection with my audience that has now grown into wonderful friendships.  It is a beautiful niche we have here at TIPP.

A personal, relaxed and informal approach is what I find works for us.   Incorporating a little light hearted humor into lives most trickiest hurdles and being open and honest about our struggles is something we hope to remain true to.   This is where I find ‘the magic happens.’

If this sounds like something your brand would work well with you can find below a list of services TIPP covers:

  • Press Trips, Family Stays, Holiday Reviews
  • Live Social Media Coverage
  • Product Reviews
  • Video Blogging
  • Creative Collaborations
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Sponsored Posts

We look forward to hearing from you!