Who is The Imperfectly Perfect Parent?

That’s me with my chalk and cheese girlies.  Better known as Heather.

I am a Wife, a Mother and an avid writer.  I’m also delving into the world of photography, at a very slow and confusing rate.

I began writing over a decade ago, for the sole purpose of healing.  I suffered from depression and anxiety from a young age which started not long after I turned 13 when my father died.  Events spiraled after this which led me into a life of mental, physical and sexual abuse.  That pattern continued for a number of years before I was old enough and strong enough to finally pull myself out of that life.  I got into modeling for a few years before meeting my husband in 2011.  Within 3 months we’d moved in together and got a dog, 6 years later and here we are with another dog, a rabbit and two beautiful girls.

When our second child had not long turned one, I was diagnosed with PTSD.   I spent the majority of 2017 on medication and receiving counseling.  During this time, many memories had resurfaced that I had forgotten about in my late teenage years and so, that is when my past very much began to effect my present.   Where I had came to accept that my anxiety and severe panic attacks were part of me, I then discovered that they were in fact a build up of horrific memories being triggered by situations in my present.  The contrast of my life then and now had become very apparent.  PTSD was ruining the beautiful life I had created and without acknowledgement, it would continue to do so.  This is when I began to share my journey via social media, I learned that I HAD to talk to free myself from fatal pain I had been carrying for far too long.  I realized there could be thousands of people carrying that weight too and it petrified me to think there were others just like me, holding onto such loneliness and pain.  Whilst I am not rid of my mental health issues, I am very much nearing the end of this journey with PTSD.  I am off my medication and full of new found compassion, love and respect for myself.

I vow to share everything I have learned through the power of social media and to remain honest with myself and my readers.   I want to empower others to speak without fear, to know that their struggles are REAL and to learn never to feel their pain, no matter the reason, is not valid.  I am that hope, I want to prove that on a path of destruction, a place of beauty and peace CAN be found.

We’ve hit our 8th house move due to my husbands career as a professional footballer and on our travels have come to own and manage a number of properties.  We Love it, it suits us.  Through this lifestyle I have developed a love of interiors and all things house related.

Although I am Scottish both our children have been born in England and my whole parenting journey has been spent ‘on the road.’  Living with distance between our families has had it’s testing parts but it has also moulded us into an incredibly strong circle.

Adventure is at the forefront of our lives.  We’ve been fortunate enough to experience some of the worlds most beautiful hotels and places.  We are very much of the mentality ‘Buy moments, not things.’ We’ve come to learn a great deal about the UK’s most unique hide-aways and have experienced living in both the North West of Scotland, North West of England, North East of England and now currently residing in the South West!

I am known by those closest as a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve.  My gratitude is never shy nor are my feelings.  Unbeknown to me, ‘The Imperfectly Perfect Parent’ began when I was struggling massively in parenthood and not all were my new found parenting responsibilities.   I was carrying guilt and fear from a little girl whom believed she had caused her abuse.  Having children triggered my adult brain to re-think that all.  My children saved me, they made me believe that not all was what it seemed.  In fact they taught me that I was brave, I was selfless, I was good and I was most of all – a little girl just looking for love.

The most wonderful part of my story is this,

I found it.