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*Partnership with Ladram Bay

It’s been a little while since our trip to Ladram Bay and we are still definitely feeling the effects of what was, a beautiful family staycation.  It’s taken a while to write this due to our lovely news with our new addition to the family but it’s certainly been worth the wait!

We are no stranger to a caravan park.  In fact two years prior – we resided in one for over THREE months!  As a child who’s most fond memories came from the excitement of caravan holidays – it made so much sense for us as a family living apart, to seek an alternative.  My husband had moved from Yorkshire without much notice to work in Devon and the girls and I had initially decided to wait until we’d found a house to buy.   However a few weeks past and we were all terribly missing each other.  With Devon having the most beautiful beaches and wonderful climate – it clicked that a caravan holiday may be our best option.   We made our descent and had intended to stay for two weeks – before the ‘caravan bug’ got us a good and we didn’t want to leave!  Some of our best memories as a family where made in those three beautifully simplistic and care free months.

The reason I wanted to share that with you is because I really can’t stress the magic found in taking a family to places like this.  The kids get so excited at the thought of staying in an environment that has that element of ‘camping’ about it but with all the comforts and security of home.  Naturally there’s that worry if you aren’t into the business or excitement of entertainment and chaos – that you find yourself within the realms of somewhere that has no room for the word ‘calm’ or ‘privacy’ but rest assured, Ladram Bay has room for it all.

When Ladram Bay got in touch for us to review our stay, I was given the opportunity to pick where we’d like to be situated.  We booked everything as we would, had it not been work related.  For us, we like a a nice view, a generous amount of privacy and QUIET.  So we stayed in a 3 bed Gold holiday home in the front row.  They do have pet friendly accommodation available also.

First Impressions

Whilst Ladram Bay also offer beautiful lodges with hot tubs and a variety of other accommodation – we opted for a caravan which sat snuggly in the front row of the site.  Being front row means you are exposed to THE most beautiful views over the bay and can sit peacefully outside your patio doors on the decking just soaking in the tranquility of it all.   We laughed with relief on arrival – having had an awful experience previously of arriving at a caravan site that used false images to sell their holidays, this particular caravan was everything it said it was and more.

Immaculately presented, with a fully equipped kitchen – it really was a little slice of luxury living in the caravan world.  The girls eyes beamed on arrival and they were ecstatic to see other children running around playing out front under the sunshine.  It was pretty clear that they honored their five star reputation.  Our bedroom had it’s own en-suite and the bedding was fresh and comfortable.

Upon arrival the drive in gave a fabulous impression – the whole site although during an Easter break seemed blissfully relaxing.  The reception was bright and cheerful and the staff were incredibly inviting.  We knew straight away we were going to love it!

Outdoor Activities

We were pretty quick to check out their own private beach – this is where we are most happy as a family, outdoors!  The short walk down from where our caravan was situated was very pleasant – the whole place has a very Devon feel about it.  Laid back, warm, friendly and surprisingly chilled for the size of the site itself.   The beach was jaw droppingly beautiful and my first instinct was to jump on a boat and explore!  Unfortunately we were a week shy of their kayaks and boats operating but I can only imagine how idyllic that would be in the summer months!

Just up from the beach is a lovely little place to eat called the ‘Beach shack.’  It literally looks right over the beach and has a great selection of ‘lunch’ treats.

Further round from this and up the hill that leads down to the bay, is where all of the entertainment is.  Which is fantastic – having everything situated in one place means you are far less likely to be inconvenienced by noise or passers by if you’ve opted to chill by your own accommodation and not seek out further entertainment or activities.   There’s a fabulous little Adventure Playground and Pirate Ship which again, is set over the wonderful views that give Ladram Bay it’s ‘WOW factor.’   The girls absolutely loved it and it was never overly busy.

There is a great jurassic themed Adventure Golf too, which the girls had multiple games on!  It was a really sweet and fun activity for them and great for all ages.

Find a full list of all Outdoor Activities HERE.

Indoor Activities

On our second day the skies got a little grey and it was pretty chilly – so we opted to spend that exploring the activities indoors.  The girls absolutely loved the Swimming Pool – which was conveniently very well heated, including the changing rooms which I think is a huge plus when you have little ones!  Unfortunately their toilets are located at the entrance of the swimming pool, so this was a little tricky if the kids needed to go in the middle of swim.  However, the pool itself with the handy shallow baby area, squishy flooring and its awesome outdoor Splash Zone made up for this.  It did get busy given the weather and it being the Easter holidays, however it wasn’t at all unbearable and the girls actually thrived off being around lots of other little kids having a great time.

The pool itself also holds activities – the girls had a go on their inflatable Jet Skis, which is an Instructor Led activity and the guy taking the experience was just hilarious.  An absolute natural with the kids and made them feel so at ease.  There are a number of other water activities too, however these were aimed at older children.

Later in the day we ventured round to the climbing wall and Molly had a great time there.  Again the instructor was so lovely and spent a lot of time building up the kids confidence and giving one on one time to the little ones who were struggling.  We really were seriously  impressed with the friendliness of the staff.

These activities are at an extra cost – Ladram Bay provide activity packages which allows for savings if you know you’re going to be utilizing all of these.  However,  if you are staying with Ladram Bay, ALL caravans other than the Comfort Holiday Home – have the pool access included.

Find a full list of their instructor led activities HERE.

Where to Eat?

We tried out two of their options.  First was Pebbles Restaurant – we went for an early dinner on our second night.   The menu itself is extensive and has a large variety to choose from.

We tried the Coast Takeaway on our last night and our fish and chips were DELICIOUS.  So fresh and and it was an absolute novelty to bring it back to our caravan and enjoy it on our decking, soaking up the spectacular views.  We would highly recommend it as a treat during your stay.

Lastly, the Beach Shack which we didn’t experience ourselves – as previously mentioned, looked wonderful and has the most gorgeous views.

Ladram Bay also have an incredible Supermarket which is absolutely full of amazing, quality and locally sourced foods – as a pregnant lady I was in heaven picking little bits over our stay!  Fresh breads and croissants every day and plenty of yummy treats and an extensive gift shop.   There was also a seriously impressive array of holiday essentials.   We were so impressed with the prices in here too, no different to out-with the site itself.

Our Verdict

Yes, go!  We really did have the most special time.  It was without question a caravan holiday that would turn even the most ‘uncarvanny’ people into loving the experience.  The way the park it set out, it would appeal to those who enjoy a fast paced holiday and to those who want to enjoy a slow, quiet break.  I’d say for us a family we probably fit somewhere in the middle to this.  We are not big on entertainment as such, however it did look pretty fun and they had a ridiculous amount on.   I did try convince hubby to come to bingo with me one evening but unfortunately he was convinced it wasn’t for him!

The surrounding area is beautiful if you do decide to go and explore, however we were so happy and content just soaking in the views and the simplicity of it all that our car didn’t leave!

I would always recommend calling and finding out the position of the caravan/lodge you’ve found online.  We are pretty fussy when it comes to this – I wouldn’t like to have caravans in front, behind and to the sides.   This is obviously a personal choice but for us, if we are going somewhere a little bigger and livelier, we will always opt for the area with the most space, privacy and peace.  Purely because we know we’ll be spending a lot of time in the accommodation!  I do believe if you’re after a busier day and planning to explore – then the above wouldn’t be an issue for you.

We were incredibly shocked by the wonderful atmosphere that stretched throughout Ladram Bay given it was the height of the Easter Holidays and the park itself was large.  I would highly recommend reading the history of Ladram Bay HERE.    Which gives a great insight into how this wonderful family run business has managed to keep it’s charm and high standards as it’s continued to grow.

I suspect we will back!

You can click the link HERE to take advantage of their May half Term offers!

*Partnership with Ladram Bay

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