The Sweetest Spring Wreath with HobbyCraft

Our magnolia tree is in full bloom.  The cherry blossom out front is not far behind and nestled in a storage container we’d forgotten to shut properly, lives a family of newly hatched robins.

Spring – your bring a whole lot of beautiful with you!  The Easter holidays for me,  has always sat warmly in my memories.  As a kid,  it was a time of year I knew brought old friends our way,  exciting adventures and lots of creative fun.  So to be able to make those memories for my own girls now is pretty special!

On Thursday I shared a really fun and simple little project that the girls and I did together after school in collaboration with Hobbycraft!  It was such a lovely excuse to just be present with the kids and fit in some quality, fun time.  You guys really did love it – thank you SO much for the response!  Many of you said it had inspired you to head down to your local store and make your own family wreath.  So I figured a simple run down of our own creation may be appreciated!  

Id you’d rather avoid the shops and click ‘add’ to a basket and have all the bits delivered to your house instead, here’s how!

How to Make a ‘Ness Family’ style Spring Wreath

What you will need:

Rattan Grapevine Wreath 305cm
All can be found on the HobbyCraft website by clicking on the links – they also do next day delivery which is a massive bonus for me!

How to:

1.  Start by prepping all the bits your plan to stick to the Rattan Grapevine Wreath!  The kids will love this.  Just cut the Holland Ivy Garland into little clusters and pull the flowers from your Cream and Green Daisy & Hyrdrangea Bundle.
2.  Arrange the letters into whatever personalisation you’d like.  My eldest daughter has just started school and absolutely loved attempting to spell our family name!
3.  Now it’s time to stick!  We love a glue gun in this house – we already had one but if you haven’t got one, Hobbycraft have some really affordable options!  You don’t need to be previous with how you apply the glue to the wreath – I let Molly do big ‘splurges’ and both the girls took it in turns to stick the ivy down first.
4.  Once the ivy was placed,  I added a little more down the bottom left hand corner to give some ‘bulk’ to that side!  Then we repeated the same process with the flowers.  Again,  I let the girls do it but I picked the biggest flowers for them to put nearer the bottom bulky side and the smaller ones at the top.
5.  There will be some little greenery bits left from the Hydrangea Bundle – use these to add to both ends of the foliage area to give a really nice flowing finish!
6.  To personalise the Wooden Heart Wall Plaque, simply place the letters where you want them and stick!  The letters already have sticky backs that the kids can peel off and pop on.  I actually liked that they were slightly misaligned, so left them as is!
7.  Attaching the plaque was the most trickiest part, again I wasn’t precious. I just ran the glue along the string and stuck this at the back of the wreath until it was even.  Then I added more glue over the string too for extra support.
8.  Lastly, I looped a small section of the Satin Ribbon – stuck it together and then glued this onto the back of the wreath in line with the middle of the plaque.

And there you have it!  One personalised, ‘made with love’ family wreath for under £20. 

(You’ll have lots of silk ribbon, Holland Ivy and wooden letters to save for the next little project too!)

It would absolutely make my day to see we’ve inspired other families to make something that will become a beloved tradition each year.  Please do give me a shout and tag me in your creations and I’ll be sure to share!

Also – if you get stuck don’t worry!  Hit my DM’s over at @TheImperfectlyPerfectParent and I can help you out!


Huge Love,

H x


*Paid collaboration with HobbyCraft

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