The First Blog

Ok, here’s the deal.

I’ve went and purchased a domain.  I’m taking the next step and saying goodbye to the wonderful Google Blogspot that became my little haven in times of need.  I don’t intend to ever delete the blog posts on there but I feel it’s time to move forward and focus on the present.

Last month I dabbled in a spot of (V)logging, which received wonderful feedback and proved to be really enjoyable.  In fact, with the opportunity to sync wonderful family footage with music and turn it into our very own movie, it has me absolutely hooked. There’s something exciting about envisioning the kids in twenty years time looking back at these videos and laughing at their antics.  It’s humbling knowing the world can share these happy times with us too.  So yes, vlogging will definitely be a ‘thing’ for us.

The world of blogging has came a long way since I began almost six years ago.  The thing is, vlogging will never override my love of writing.  It will never surpass the silent pleasure of sharing what’s in my head and watching it flow onto blank paper.  So I have decided this;  The vlogging at present remains a hobby and my writing, it deserves to get some recognition now.  It deserves my commitment.

Writing (bar a few freelance jobs) up to this point has been a beloved hobby of mine.  It has been a massive therapy during the hardest parts of my life and now,  after some careful consideration I have decided to take the next step.  On many occasions I have been contacted with opportunities to monetize what I do but up until now I chose not to put the pressure on myself.  I didn’t want to commit to anybody or anything other than our family.  Our lifestyle has blessed me with the choice of what time I spend on work and home life.  So I have waited, I have given 100% of my time to the kids and my husband.  I have given myself the luxury of time and chosen to pursue this at a moment I knew was right for us, right for me.  My biggest worry?  The thought of this natural relief becoming a burden.

Writing has been a form of extraction and therapy for me for as long as I can remember.  Recently I began writing for a newspaper after they approached me to do a column.  Initially I was overjoyed and flattered that I’d been given this full page to showcase myself.   After a few months however, I was struggling.  Writing had become a burden, a worry and time stealer.  I say it was a time stealer because I wasn’t getting the satisfaction in return for my hard work, my heart wasn’t in it.  It came with restrictions on subjects and carried a lot of criticism because my audience wasn’t my own.  I wasn’t in control, I couldn’t be myself.  If I cannot be myself, I cannot thrive.  So here I am, building my own writing platform, a place with no restrictions and a safe haven where I am in control of whom leaves their mark on the precious time I spend – opening up on some of the rawest parts of our lives.

The beauty of owning my own space to showcase my work is simple really, it comes with security.  It comes with flexibility and most importantly it gives me the freedom to be 100% me.

I would be absolutely humbled if my readers would subscribe to and enjoy this new chapter with us, simply click the link below!

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